Outside Lands 2013

It’s been awhile burrito eaters, but we are back with some good content to feast on. First things first: Outside Lands.

Outside Lands 2013 was definitely the best OSL we’ve had yet. The festival was well organized and the line up were fantastic. Great weather and not too crowded. Good view from every angle and of course the food, art and extra stages/domes were all fantastic. Well done, Golden Gate Park. Check out the photo gallery from 2013.

The Heineken dome was jam poacked this year, naturally with EDM as popular as ever; it was like an EDM club in the middle of the park. The beautiful thing about OSL for us locals (those of us that don’t take flight for the weekend to avoid the crowds and mayhem) is that you arrive with one group of friends and leave with a completely different group. It was great to bounce between groups of friends and enjoy the great music with a variety of people. My cousin and I are now managing Celia’s by the Beach on 40149 Judah. We ran into many customers, friends, family and employees. It was great to see everyone outside of the restaurant and taquerias enjoying good music and culture. We even had a great little fiesta at the bar Saturday night after Phoenix and Nine Inch Nails.

Tips for next year:

  • Get there early Friday to enjoy all the art exhibits with our any crowds or lines.
  • Brink a few layers of clothing for night.
  • Bring your own water bottle – there are refill stations.
  • Designate a meet up spot for certain artist if you end up getting seperated from your group, cell phone service can be tricky. Windmills or a speaker cluster is good. Having a marker is always good.

Our favorites from 2013:

  1. Paul McCartney
  2. Willie Nelson
  3. Trombone Shorty
  4. Phoenix
  5. Zed

Check out our video

Outside Lands 2013

We look forward to seeing you at the Blue Grass festival.

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EBX Salsa Verde: great tasting and healthy.


I found it fitting to share with you the benefits of EBX’s salsa verde on a traditionally green day: St. Patrick’s Day! Aside from EBX Salsa Verde being made fresh daily, delicious & included free with every meal, our tomatillo salsa verde is loaded with health benefits.

Los Tomatillos


Tomatillo is originally found in various regions of Mexico & Guatemala and has been used by cultures dating as far back as the Aztecs. Tomatillos are commonly referred to as tomatoes in Mexican culture and are close relatives to the red tomato. Once fully ripen, the tomatillo turns yellow – tomatillos are typically used in food & eaten well before they turn yellow and used a lot in Mexican food for it’s tangy flavor. Aside from being low in fat & calories, tomatillos have many health benefits. Below are the various health benefits that one gains from a steady diet of tomatillo:

  • 1/2 cup serving has 15% of recommended daily intake of vitamin C, which helps keep your immune system healthy.
  • Recent studies have shown that certain properties, called withanolides, in tomatillo helps prevent cancer, specifically colon cancer.
  • Good source of minerals.
  • Good for skin & visual health.

These benefits are more potent when using fresh tomatillos; off course we make our salsa fresh in the morning, with tomatillos that arrive fresh in the morning! And you do not need to rely on EBX to get your tomatillo fix, you can find tomatillos at your local grocery store. They are great for salsas, salads and sauces.

Next time you come around to EBX don’t be shy and make sure to ask for an extra salsa verde! Have a happy & healthy St. Paddy’s Day amigos!

P.S. Look out for a tomatillo based, green Expresso sauce!

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EBX: Good to your stomach, your wallet…and your heart.


Hola amigos and Happy Valentines Day!

To love and be loved. . . it is the highest priority, neck and neck with food and shelter, for us pleasure seeking beings existing on this sometimes unforgiving Earth. On the day that celebrates the love we share for one another, I saw it fit to write a post about how much we love our customers. Our love for our customers is what drives us to continually perfect our food, to use quality ingredients, to keep our prices fair relative to the economy, and to offer heart-healthy alternatives.

When we think love, we think hearts. Ever since the days of yonder, patiently cutting out pink and red hearts in middle school and exchanging valentines with your secret sweet hearts, we’ve always associated hearts & love. And while our hearts are not responsible for the emotion we fondly call love (the brain is) – we love to keep our hearts and our customer’s hearts healthy.

February is Heart Month, a month dedicated to raising awareness about heart disease. There are many preventitive measures one can take to reduce the threat of heart disease like diet and exercise, but I bet you didn’t think that eating an EBX burrito was one of them!

There are many fiber-packed options that have been proven to reduce the risk of heart disease. We offer some of these options on all our menu offerings, 7 of which make WebMD’s top 25 heart healthy foods. Click to read health benefits:

Black beans

Brown rice

Whole wheat tortillas



Red bell peppers


EBX Healthy Heart

How to order: When ordering any burrito or meal that involves rice or beans, we always give our customers the option of black beans and brown rice, free of charge. Throw some pico de gallo in the mix. Upgrade to a whole wheat tortilla for $0.40. Our vegetable burritos are a scrumptious combination of healthy veggies. Instead of meat, try tofu.

We are ecstatic to offer our customers this variety. And if you are taking your meal back home, pop the cork on a bottle of red wine. You know what they say, “A burrito and glass of wine a day keeps heart disease at bay!”

Eating heart healthy never tasted so good. Gracias amigos.

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Feast Your Eyes: El NorCal Burrito


One of our most recent additions to the EBX menu, el NorCal is a twist on the San Deigo favorite. While many will debate what traditionally goes in the french fry burrito, we do it our own way – as we do most things here in Northern California.

The idea for this burrito came about when Phil, son of founder Mila, and author of El Burrito Blog, was catching up with some cousins & friends that were attending college in San Diego. They told us all about the california burrito craze going on in SoCal!

So, we decided to add the burrito to our menu and see if our customers enjoyed it. The result, El NorCal Burrito. It took us a couple months to perfect, but we finally tweaked a few things and are proud to say that our take on the California Burrito may be the best this side of California!

Our potatoes arrive fresh daily and we hand cut and cook to order. Our steak meat is juicy and tender, and our guacamole and pico de gallo are all made fresh in the morning. Our cheese is grated fresh daily and we use thick and authentic sour cream. Finally, what sets our NorCal apart from the rest, is the drizzle of our super secret & super sexy salsa de Expresso.

Next time your perusing the EBX menu in search for awesomeness, try El NorCal Burrito. . . it’s gnarly good bro!

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EBX Recap: A Look Back at 2011


Its hard to believe that 2011 has come and gone. That means it’s been 20 years since the hip-hoping 90′s and 30 years since the breaking 80′s – man that makes me feel old! It means much more for us at EBX though; 2011 was our 30 year anniversary!  It feels real good to be around for that long and to know that our customers appreciate all our hard work and perseverance. Now that 2011 has come and gone, lets take a look at what it entailed for the EBX familia:

We kicked off 2011 with our EBX Flavor of Mexico youtube video. Check it out:

The Flavor of Mexico Wherever You Go

Next, we celebrated our 30 anniversary year with not one, not two, not even 3, but 4 B.O.G.O burrito specials during the month of February! Visit this page to find out more.

EBX 30th Year Anniversary on Youtube

In March, we had our “burritos+brackets+basketball” give away, celebrating the Sweet 16 college basketball tournament. Check out the event recap here.

In April, EBX teamed up with March of Dimes for the San Francisco walk & fund raiser. It was great to donate food to a worthy cause. As founder and owner Mila Havlicek put it, “We were all babies once, wrapped up warm and tight like a burrito!” Check out our poster below:

In May, we celebrated Cinco De Mayo with some great food & drink specials. We had a blast celebrating with customers old and new!

In June, EBX donated to another great, uniquely San Franciscan event: Free Concerts at the Park. For countless years Stern Grove has supplied fun, top-notch entertainment to the people of San Francisco. It was a pleasure to donate food to the musicians and help in “Feeding the Mafia.” Read about it here.

In July, EBX collaborated with another fantastic San Francisco non-profit: Glide SF. It was a pleasure to donate food to this event. Glide has done a lot for those less fortunate and we were honored to work with them. Read about it here.

In August, EBX competed (to no avail) in the SF Weekly Web Awards for best food vendor twitter account. It was fun to be in the running! Follow us @ebxsf.

In September, EBX continued it’s annual “burritos & baseball” give away. 4 lucky fans got to go to the Giants game and enjoy burritos courtesy of EBX. Unfortunately it was a lack luster year for Los Gigantes. 2012 will be ours!

In October, EBX collaborated with SF Weekly at it’s annual Dish SF event, a benefit for La Cocina. It was great to contribute to a cause that was aligned with our personal beliefs and philosophies. Read about it here. We can’t forget to mention on Halloween we gave BOGO burritos to anyone that came in costume! It was a spooky treat.

2011 was also the year EBX went back to “burrito basics.” We continually gathered feedback from our customers and administered a survey to find out what we were doing right, what was going wrong, and what we could improve on. Needless to say we’ve compiled a lot of data and are looking forward to applying all of it in the years to come.

Gracias amigos, for a memorable year full of good food and good times. Here’s to 2012!

What were your most fond memories of 2011?

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Feast your Eyes: El Surf & Turf


One of our most popular burritos, El Surf & Turf is a rich and flavor filled burrito. Hand cut, quality carne asada & sauteed prawns dance together while beans, rice, cheese, guacamole, and pico de gallo create a harmonious symphony of sabor.

El Surf & Turf was first conceptualized when Mila (founder & owner) & her husband Phil, who surfed a majority of his life along the NorCal Coast, were gazing into the Pacific and pondering this question, “What is the most delicious way to encompass the variety of foods we enjoy here in San Francisco as well as in Mexico?” The end result:

Feast Your Eyes!

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Holiday Catering Special!


Hola amigos! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted but I return with a great offer. For the month of December EBX Catering services is offering a 10% discount on all catering orders! Call (415) 254-8629 to place an order today and mention this blog post.

Now you can feed your holiday office party, ugly sweater party, or any ol’ fiesta with some authentic and affordable Mexican food.

In the old country, meal time was always a community event. Businesses would close and all friends and familia would congregate around the food. Maize was ground fresh and cooked, creating stacks of warm tortillas for all to enjoy. A variety of beans, rice, salsas and meats were all prepared and served as well.  All to be shared along with good conversation.

Over at EBX, we try to recreate this type of feeling through our catering services. We use our authentic family recipes to prepare the food and do our best to deliver the food in a punctual and personal manner. The great thing about Mexican food is that it is so festive! No matter if you’re in a office, at a tail-gate, or decked out in a wedding gown, you can’t help but feel a sense of celebration with every bite! Visit www.ebxcatering.com for more details.

When Mexican food is on the table, there will be smiles on everyone’s face.

Authentic Mexican Food

Gracias amigos ~

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EBX Chile Relleno Burrito

The EBX Chile Relleno Burrito is a simple, yet decedent treat. While the ingredients may be few, the care and attention to detail sets our Chile Relleno Burrito apart from the rest.

First, as with all our burritos, we toast the tortilla to a perfect crisp.

Next, we add some whole beans and Mexican rice, all of which is made fresh daily with the finest quality ingredients & authentic recipes from Jalisco, Mexico.

Finally, we dice and add our Chile Rellenos, which we put a lot of time and care into making.

In making an EBX Chile Relleno, we first cook each Pasilla Pepper to add a smokey yet sweet flavor. While the peppers are cooking, we prepare the batter. Next, we gut the peppers, stuff them with cheese, and dip the Pasilla Peppers into the batter. The peppers are then fried & ready to go!

Next time you are scanning the EBX menu in search for something new, give the Chile Relleno Burrito a try! And at $6.00 a burrito, your stomach will be full & your wallet won’t be empty!

Gracias amigos and drop a line in the comment section below ;-)

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San Francisco hosts the RipCurl Pro Search – Photos



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Dias de los Muertos & SOMArts


What gives life it’s flavor? So delicate & frail our mortal body’s are, yet we live like we are giants. Humans have wandered this Earth for only a few thousand years; a mere blink of an eye in the grand span of time. Still, our individual existence seems to be an endless stream of experiences & interactions with one another. We ride the highs, feeling as if our feet are above the ground and we can accomplish anything; the moments themselves seem like they can last forever. We feel the frigid lows and harsh realities of life, too, when we endure emotional agony and are distraught from the course of our lives, wishing that the moments would just end and a new sun to rise. What empowers us to feel such extremes and to live so passionately? What allows us to drift through life, constantly seeking a suitable happiness that fits our needs? So intricate this life can be, with our cell-phones, computes, cars, and cities. What is it that continually feeds our flames of desire & pushes us to work tirelessly in pursuit of our soul’s desire? The answer, amigos, is death. The antithesis of life, death is the threat that tomorrow is not guaranteed,  the imminent fate that regardless of origin, orientations, religion, class or color, we all share. Where does the soul go when the sun sets? That we do not know & probably never will. But what we do with the time we are given, as well as the people we touch, will allow us to live on forever.

Many culture’s traditions and rituals vary when it comes to the passing of loved ones. Refection is a path that some take, while others mourn. Mexican culture celebrates the deaths of those who have passed by looking back on the life of the individual that has gone. We do this by coming together, praying and reminiscing in a celebration called Dias de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). This tradition is typically celebrated November 1st & 2nd, in conjunction with All Saints Day and All Souls Day. As the tradition has garnered momentum and gained popularity up north in the states, the celebration has become year round, especially in the months of October and November. Traditionally, family and friends of those who have passed gather memorabilia, including food and other trinkets that the deceased enjoying using or doing and places these items on alters and graves, offering these to the souls of their loved ones.

This tradition is on that my family has celebrated year after year. We always come together to reflect on those who have left us & it is a constant reminder of not only those who have left us but also how precious these moments we have with on another are and how finite life is.

That is why I was ecstatic when Jess Young over at SOMArts Center invited me over to the opening reception for Illuminations: Dia de los Muertos 2011. The SOMArt’s mission is to promote and nurture art on the community level, and to foster an appreciation of and respect for all cultures, which we respect over at EBX. The exhibit hit the nail on the head! Inspired by Picasso, the event was a melodious blend of people, art, music, and food. From the second we walked in, to the second we walked out, all our senses were stimulated. My eyes feasted upon the altars and dedication pieces, which were contributed by over 80 Bay Area Artists. The beautiful thing about the altars was that they not only highlighted personal losses, but also losses that the world has endured as a whole. Artist’s used a masterful blend of mediums, ranging from paint and paper mache to actual persons and projectors. The flow of the exhibit lead you down a twisted path of festive memorials, each one unique to its own and provoking much thought and reflection. Up, down, left, and right. No matter which way you looked, you were engaged with dedications that told stories of lives passed.

But the festivites did not end there! We also enjoyed a wonderful performance by a group of talented entertainers. Live singing, guitar, and dancing brought the spirits of all who were in attendance together in a sense of hypnotic mesmerization. The group, whos name I have forgotten unfortunately, was emmensely talented and put on a wonderful show. Last, and hardly least, we can not forget Mr. Picasso, who was doing live painting sessions on stage! Also, there was beer, wine, a taco truck and face painting for los ninos.


The Illuminations: Dia de los Muertos 2011 exhibit at SOMArts is open till November 5, 2011. Make sure to visit this celebration of life and culture, you will neither regret the time you spend nor the money donated to a noble cause.

What was your favorite part of the exhibit? Gracias ~


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